Informatics Engineering

The Department of Informatics Engineering concentrates in graduating bachelors who are adept in deployment and development of software applications that are channeled through Database, Computer Network, as well as Artificial Intelligence and Multimedia competencies.

Employments as Database Administrators, Database Analysts, System Analysts, Business Analysts, IT Project Managers, Programmers, Web Developers are among the opportunities offered for graduates from Informatics Engineering of Itenas.

Itenas Informatics Engineering alumnus are well-recognized and sought-after by reputable institutions and companies, namely, PT. LuTFhansa System Indonesia, PT. Synergy Thrada BMS Batam, SGS Jakarta, Bank Mandiri, Bank Mega, Bank BPR KS, BTN, PT. Fercell Jakarta, PT. Trac Astra Indonesia, PT. Naviga Tech Asia, PT. Swamedia Informatika, PT. Honda, PT. Sanbe Farma, PT. Bukit Muriajaya, and many others.