Mechanical engineering

Mechanical engineers are known as "general practitioners" because the field is broad and covers interdisciplinary problems such as engineering, social, environment, and economy. Mechanical engineering bachelors conduct research, development, design, creation, test, and maintenance of engines, machine, and other mechanical devices. Basically, the field of mechanical engineering covers our daily life.


Work Fields

Developing machinery device systems, material handling systems, cooling systems and air conditioners, production equipment and robots for manufactures, industry processing equipment (piping, pump, windmills, compressors, etc), as well as land, water, air, and space transportation.

Some of our alumni work in these companies: PT Trankindo Utama, PT Astra International, PT Bukaka Kuajng Prima, PT Astra Honda Motor, PT Astra Autoparts, PT Atwelding Sopso Indonesia, PT Henkel Indonesia, Schumberger, Aker Kvaerner Subsea, etc.